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Know Who You’re Training With – Basketball RAP


Since its 2010 establishment, Basketball RAP has lived up to our name both on and off the court. Our Rapid Acceleration Program is designed to fast track the development of the essential fundamental basketball skills needed to play at an elite level. Every year we do just that for over 300 players and counting, and now the elite world of basketball training is taking notice too.


Three years ago we were so proud to receive our training certification with Ganon Baker, one of the most premiere basketball skill trainers in the world. As impressed as we were with him, he liked what he saw and heard about what we’re doing at Basketball RAP too. A truly world-class trainer, Baker has worked with Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, Britney Griner, Mya Moore, Tamicha Catchings, Skylar Diggins, and so many more. Last month, we invited Baker to Wisconsin for additional professional development for our trainers as well as to introduce our players to his training style. Baker had this to say about us:  


 “I like everything the RAP coaches are doing. I had them at my coaching class and there was instant respect and synergy between us. I put my stamp of approval to their Growth in the Game of Basketball and Life.”


Not all trainers are created equal. The best ones have a few things in common. They never stop practicing, learning, staying on top of their game, and working to take their skills to the next level. After we became certified trainers through the Ganon Baker Coaching Class, we’re continuing to keep in touch with Baker and work on additional opportunities for training and development.


Aristotle said quality is not an act, it is a habit, and Basketball RAP holds its coaches and players to that standard. In our personalized training sessions, we encourage self-discipline, fitness, and the positive attitude needed for athletics, academics, and personal success.


Step by step, skill by skill, we’re providing the consistency and repetition that is crucial to every level of player from as young as 3rd grade up through high school and beyond.